The last time I posted was April 4, 2016. What has happened from that date until now can only be described in one word: Life. (This still relates to books. Promise.)

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Emma Watson Has A Book Club

Screenshot 2016-01-11 18.19.46

Emma Watson starting a book club just makes sense. She’s spend most of her life so far playing a character that loves books, she attended and graduated college with a degree in English literature, and she’s overall a smart woman that wants to share books and ideas. I think this is such an important action for her to take, especially because of her celebrity status.

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Junot Diaz

Like a lot of people of color, I had difficulty finding mentors when I was a student. I had some really amazing teachers all throughout my schooling, but I never had a close relationship with any of them. There was no one to help me, no one to talk to, and no one to relate to. And our backgrounds had a lot to do with it. That’s some of my favorite writers of color have become what I like to call at-a-distance mentors.

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And She’s Back

a white bookcase with a wooden globe bookend

Wow. Muchísimas gracias (many thanks) to everyone for stopping by and reading my blog while I’ve been away! I really appreciate everyone for taking the time to check out this little blog of mine. As you can probably tell, I’ve been absent for a couple of months. But, as always, I have excuses. So many excuses.

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When You Can’t Even With A Book: “He Who Searches”

IMG_3327I hate to make this book the poster child for books I couldn’t bring myself to finish, but I really like how this photo came out. And that’s where my disappointment stems from, although I know you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover. But I couldn’t help it. This was the book next in line for a review, but I didn’t just couldn’t. I’m sorry book gods, I just couldn’t.

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