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Tea Time


March 20 was the first day of spring. Well, it was supposed to be the first day of spring, but nature just said “F*** that,” and decided to drop the temperature and the snow down on all of us here in Chicago. And so I spent my Sunday reading and drinking some green tea.

As I drank my tea, I thought about the amount of caffeine in it, and then I thought about the amount of caffeine in coffee. And then I thought about how I don’t like coffee; it has too much caffeine for me. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I like tea, and I especially like to drink tea when I read. But this seems like a luxury nowadays, to sit and read and drink tea. Most days I don’t even have time to boil the water for a tea.

I don’t know what it is about a good cup of tea and a book that makes for a relaxing time. Perhaps it’s the herbs in the tea that are naturally relaxing. It could also be the reading itself, but sometimes there is something so crazy going on in the book that the tea’s relaxing spell is necessary.

I’m not a teahead. I don’t boil the water to specific temperature, and I don’t have a special teapot for boiling the water to its accurate bubble count. I just boil some tap water in my eight dollar tea kettle from Target and wait impatiently for it to whistle. I would like to get some tea recommendations, if anyone out there has any. I usually stick to green, black and chamomile teas. Although, when I can, I like to stop by David’s Tea and get a cup of Gold Rush. It’s really good.

Happy tea drinking and reading, world!


6 thoughts on “Tea Time”

  1. When I’m pressed for time, I love using teadrops tea – super easy and quick.

    My favorite ever though, is darjeeling from teavana. Green tea is wonderful but I prefer yerba mate 🙂


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