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Reading Outside, Finally

kB1j5y68E5De55Zd4_P4y8G8l5ecx6IvI1Plbc0rQnUIt has been raining on and off this week in Chicago, but these April showers are a reminder that the weather will be warming up soon. In a couple of days (hopefully) we will be able to enjoy being outside, not worrying about bundling up with endless layers. While everyone is outside running, riding bikes, or doing other athletic activities, I will most likely be spending my time reading outside, stopping every once in a while to notice the natural elements around me.

I’ve already taken advantage of the sunlight and warmer weather to shoot some photos of upcoming book reviews. I prefer natural light over artificial light because I’m not that great with flash and figuring out the white balance and all that other professional photographer stuff. I hope the quality of the photos shows when I post these reviews! I’ve also been able to take my dog on longer walks, and he’s been able to visit some of the neighborhood dogs as they lay around in their backyards.

I’ve done a majority of my long-stretch reading in my bedroom so a change of scenery is just what I need. I often end up taking a nap in the middle of a passage; reading in bed has this effect. I don’t live too far from the forest preserves, so I may try and do some reading in the forest. I can also go to the park, or even to the beach! Beach weather is a little bit more into the future, however, so that one will have to wait. I can also just sit in my back yard with some iced tea and read. This would be ideal, since I wouldn’t have to leave my house, but I hope I can discover a new spot for my reading in this warmer weather.

Tell me about your favorite outside reading spot!


5 thoughts on “Reading Outside, Finally”

  1. I love reading outside in the autumn actually, because South Carolina is literally infested with pollen during this season! But when I can read outside, I think my favorite outdoor spot would be at my univ’s horseshoe. I usually stretch out on blanket there like a mini reading picnic, haha.


  2. You’re speaking my language! My happy spot is outside on my covered patio, (I’m in Oregon.. we need shelter from the rain!) hot cup of tea, reading a fabulous story, and watching the birdies search for food. *sigh* I think I’ll head there now 🙂

    Happy to find your blog!


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