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11201717_427060064131776_2122977510_nThe more I blog about books, the more I discover about the online book community. I’ve always loved books and it’s so fulfilling to see other people share in that same love. Blogs seemed like the obvious way to share my love of books, but I’ve recently discovered and joined the book community on Instagram.

All of my fellow bookworms know that feeling, that fire that lights up whenever a book is near. Bookstores are heaven. A stranger reading on the train suddenly becomes your focus—for about a second, because of course, you’re busy reading! Bookstagram, the book side of Instagram, is a fleeting but satisfying way to goggle at books. And it is now one of my favorite ways to share my love of books.

924729_924106550943565_1430690122_nFantasy readers, fiction readers, poetry readers—there are all kinds of readers posting their pictures to Instagram. People share what they are currently reading, their favorite authors or series, and even fun, creative tags catered to showing off the books sitting on their shelves. It’s a really fun way to share all of your books, even ones you haven’t had a chance to read yet!

What I really like about Bookstagram is that it is a way to appreciate book covers. A lot of work goes into the design of the book—the front, back and spine—so it’s nice to appreciate a book through photos and not just through the actual reading. But reading it is of course the best part!

I’ve only just started to post pictures, but I have a good amount posted. So if anyone is interested in checking out more photos like the ones I have on this post, click here! My username is book.beat. Let me know if you have an account, I’d love to see it!


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