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The Future (Don’t Worry, It’s Not the End)

11235975I feel horrible for not posting as much as I would like. But, unfortunately, things come up that prevent me from dedicating as much time to this blog. As I said in my last post, I’m working on another writing project, which I hope works out. Work also takes up a lot of my time. I’m in one of those weird stretches of time where balancing every minute is essential, but I’m getting it done.

I do not want to abandon this blog and I won’t. My plan from the start was to have a queue of posts ready to go, so that I wold always be ahead by at least three posts. In case I didn’t have time to sit down and write a post, I’d already have one ready. But I’m pretty caught up and I haven’t had time to prepare more posts ahead of time. I’m hoping this three day weekend gives me the chance to do it. But here’s the thing: I don’t just want to post for the sake of posting. I want it to be quality over quantity. And so if I only post once a week, that’s okay with me. But I’m still going to try to keep the numbers up.

I’ve already got a ton of ideas for this blog and I am excited to get to get them rolling! Of course I’d love to host a giveaway and I’ve already got some neat things lines up, nothing big, just a little something any bookworm would love to have. I’m also going to start a series of posts where I briefly talk about books from my favorites shelf.

I hope you all stick around for it! By the way, even if I’m not posting, I’m regularly reading other posts! Gotta stay active in the community no matter what. Thanks everyone!


3 thoughts on “The Future (Don’t Worry, It’s Not the End)”

  1. Sam, of course, we’ll all stick around! Even though blogging commitment matters to readers and followers, I think we all know real life is still more important! Good luck with the new writing project, and the new series about your favorites will be fun. Look forward to reading those posts! 🙂


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