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Because “Mad Men”

dondraperinfernoIt’s been over a week since one of my all-time favorite shows has ended, and so in honor of “Mad Men,” this post will cover its greatness and its bookish-ness.

I don’t follow up with shows as much as the general population does because I would rather be reading—let’s be honest. “Mad Men,” however, had me hooked. I watched it every Sunday night with glee, waiting to see what was going on with all of the characters.

The show takes place in the 1960s, an era that, as much as I think I know about it and would have loved to be a part of, is unknown to me. Even though I wasn’t alive in the 60s, I—all of us—live in a world where the social and cultural changes have greatly influenced our everyday lives. Although it follows the lives of successful, white, mostly male Americans in the advertising business, “Mad Men” is a reflection of people’s lives at a time that was unpredictable, heavy with war and art, social and political change.

In my opinion, “Mad Men” is a book lover’s show. It has the characters that you love and the characters you hate, interesting plot lines, and the symbolism. Oh, the symbolism. The symbolism alone is worth watching for. But the real reason this is a book lover’s show is because there is constant, significant change. And aren’t all good books like that? Something is always happening, and in the midst of events, you get to know characters so well that you feel like you know them. You start to feel for them.

Books play an interesting role in a lot of episodes. The themes and ideas of the books go hand-in-hand with what a certain character may be going through. And sometimes a book is all someone needs in order to get where they need to be. I’m being very general because I’d rather you all watch the show and not just read about it!

I’ve found two lists of books to share because who doesn’t love book lists? The first is what looks like a complete list of all the books read or reference by characters in the show. The second is a list of additional reading, now that the show is over.

  1. “Man Men” books
  2. Additional reading

I’d love to read any opinions on the show or any of the books on the lists!


2 thoughts on “Because “Mad Men””

  1. Watched the first two episodes of the show not so long ago, but I realized I have to have proper time to watch it. Since I don’t have any right now, I will probably start the series this summer. Everybody has been praising it, and from your description it really is fascinating, so I’ll definitely try watching the series.


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