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New Year, Same (but Better) Me

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Yup, that’s Kanye West. It’s been a minute, but a lot has happened. And with a new year upon us, I can’t promise that I’ll become a “new” me, even when it comes to my book life.

This is the time when people start to get their reading lists for the year in order and maybe enter a book challenge or two. But not me. I’ve never been the kind of reader to have a set-in-stone reading list or even a book challenge to follow.

But just because I myself can’t do that, doesn’t mean that I don’t admire people that can, because I do! It takes a lot of dedication to follow a year-long challenge like the ones on Goodreads. I wish I had that kind of dedication, but I get too impatient. If I’m in the middle of a book and I start not to like it anymore, I don’t really have a problem putting it down, starting another, and going back to the first book later (or not at all).

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but I have some pretty achy back and neck problems (and bones and ligaments) which have been preventing me from reading for long periods of time. And my insurance refusing to pay for my chiropractor isn’t helping. I should probably invest in some of these funky glasses to fix that. But they do look kind of silly. If anyone out there has used these, let me know if they are worth it!

Fortunately, while my reading has dimmed down a bit, I’ve been able to attend a lot of amazing literary events that keep my nerdy cravings satisfied. One of these events was a poetry reading by Dark Noise Collective, an truly diverse group of young poets.

Another event I attended was an event held at the Museum of Contemporary Art. This event wasn’t one that you might consider to be a literary event because, well … it was all about Kanye West. But I consider Kanye a great writer, so I’m going to include him in on this.

I know Kanye isn’t everyone’s favorite, but he’s definitely one of my favorites. He’s got his issues, yes, but you cannot deny him credit for what he’s done and everything he’s accomplished. And through his music, though his words and his writing, I’ve been able to find the inspiration to be the best version of myself that I can be, regardless of what people may think or say about me. That’s exactly what Kanye does, whether the public likes it or not.

So. Even though it’s a new year, I’m not a new me. But I will definitely try to be the best version of me that I can be in all areas of my life.



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