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Emma Watson Has A Book Club

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Emma Watson starting a book club just makes sense. She’s spend most of her life so far playing a character that loves books, she attended and graduated college with a degree in English literature, and she’s overall a smart woman that wants to share books and ideas. I think this is such an important action for her to take, especially because of her celebrity status.

This may or may not be true, but I would assume most of Emma Watson’s fans are already readers. However, the Harry Potter series is an exceptional one, a series that seems to be more than just a collection of books. So maybe fans of Watson aren’t necessarily book readers, but just Harry Potter readers.  Perhaps Watson starting this bookclub could change that; it could increase the number of readers in the world in general. At least, that is my hope for this bookclub.

Watson herself may not have this goal. Maybe her goal is to get people that are already readers to read more feminist texts. Or maybe she just wants to reach out to fervent readers and talk books for the sake of talking books. Regardless, I think her starting a bookclub is important. At the ver least, her public image and celebrity status calls attention to books and reading. And maybe, just maybe, there’s one young person out there that may decide to pick up a book just because they saw that Watson started a bookclub.

Anything to get people to pick up a book is something worthwhile. And I’m glad that Watson has done this. You never know could come out of this simple act. Think of Watson choosing a book two months from now that even one person out there really needed to read, that spoke to them at a certain point in their life. Books are a powerful thing and Watson’s bookclub could really make a difference in someone’s life. Because we all have that one book that’s made a difference in our life, and Watson’s reach will undoubtedly have some impact on someone out there. So kudos to Watson!


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