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Shero: Marley Dias

I hope you’ve heard of Marley Diaz by now. Why? Because she’s freakin’ amazing.

If you just listen to her talk, you can tell this young lady is going to be making waves in the literary world very soon—even more than she already is.

Marley came across something I didn’t even question as a young reader: Why are all the books about white people? (White boys and their dogs in her situation).

I never questioned this because white people’s stories were so ingrained in me. They were somehow always the standard for story telling. I never even imagined that a non-white person could be written about unless they were Rosa Parks or Matin Luther King.

I’m so glad that Marley has not only spoken up but taken action to make sure that black girls out there are getting books about black girls in their hands. If it wasn’t for Marley, some of those girls might have gone all the way through high school without reading a book with a protagonist that resembled them in some way.

I’ve read a lot of the comments on videos like this one featuring Marley, and they are not always the most positive. But that just goes to show why Marley’s #1000BlackGirlBooks campaign is so important.

And the fact that her mother is so supportive of her warms my heart. I’m glad that this was something that was born from a mother-daughter connection because it just shows that older and younger generations can make a difference, especially by working together.



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