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The last time I posted was April 4, 2016. What has happened from that date until now can only be described in one word: Life. (This still relates to books. Promise.)

Right after college, I started working at an educational media/publishing company and to be honest, once I learned all I could, I hated it. I thought I was going to be doing a lot of editorial work, but I ended up answering emails the majority of the time. There were no new skills to learn after about a year into the job. Microaggressions were not uncommon. The work was redundant, and when it wasn’t, it was a mess. I got more responsibility but no pay raise. Ultimately, I didn’t have any goals while I was there and that scared me.

One of the reasons I didn’t have any goals is because my position wasn’t permanent. Like many other companies “trying to save money,” they hired contract workers. I started out as a six-month employee and ended up staying a maximum of three years thanks to the generosity of the company and its need for experienced, trained employees. Who knew that you needed people who knew the job to actually do the job?

It was a blessing in disguise to know that my job was going to end at a certain date. That, however, brought on the added stress of job hunting. And oh my god was it stressful. It was hell having to go to interviews all over the city and talking to people who I knew were not going to hire me. I was applying to jobs I was only somewhat qualified to do that were also in publishing or editorial work, but what I really wanted was to work with students. So I applied to a lot of non-profits that told me, even though I have experience tutoring students, I didn’t have the social work experience for it. (I did end up finding an amazing position, which I will write about later.)

Aside from the job situation, I also started dating someone new (we’re still dating! yay!) so that took some time and energy away from this blog as well. However, he is one of the reasons I want to start writing on here again. We’re both pretty ambitious people, but we also have a tendency to delay things. We’re working on that and encouraging each other to complete our projects and accomplish our goals.

There’s no transition into this so I’ll just say it: My mom got very sick early in the year and damn near almost died. She was in the hospital for a month and had so many things done to her that I don’t even want to go into it. Not only was that a sad and stressful time, but it was just plain exhausting. I was going back and forth between my apartment, work, the hospital, and my parent’s house. She’s doing okay, for now.

I also moved—again. I gained some acquaintances and lost some friends. I read some books and forgot others that I do want to get back to and finish.

So… to be honest, life was a little more pressing than updating this blog. It was in the back of my mind sometimes and other times I forgot it. But I want to keep it going because I still want to do what I set out to do with it in the beginning:

Because I love books and want to share my love of books with fellow book lovers. Because I want to get back in the habit of writing and writing about books is a good way to start. Because books are cool. And so are you.



2 thoughts on “TBH”

  1. Welcome back to blogging. It sounds like you’ve had a challenging couple of months/years. I am glad your mom is okay now and that you’ve found a new job (congrats!).


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