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American Indeed


Back in college, one of my friends took a comic books class where he had to read “American Born Chinese” by Gene Luen Yang. He raved about it just enough that years later, I remembered the title and put it on hold at the library. This is the first book I started and finished this year and it is probably going to set the tone for the rest of my 2018 reading.

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Same, Sherman


Sherman Alexie is the first writer of color that I ever read besides Frederick Douglass, and I didn’t read him until college. He and his writing have been immensely influential and this book about his mom completely captivated me.  Continue reading “Same, Sherman”

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When You Can’t Even With A Book: “He Who Searches”

IMG_3327I hate to make this book the poster child for books I couldn’t bring myself to finish, but I really like how this photo came out. And that’s where my disappointment stems from, although I know you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover. But I couldn’t help it. This was the book next in line for a review, but I didn’t just couldn’t. I’m sorry book gods, I just couldn’t.

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Frustrated Feminist


I didn’t consider myself a feminist until my last two years in college. It’s not that I was afraid of being seen as a overbearing, opinionated, man-hating woman. In all honesty, I just didn’t get feminism. I didn’t see how feminism benefited me. The feminist ideals that were presented to me before those last two years in college were always in connection with white, middle class women, which I am not.

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Short, Powerful, Insightful


I have high expectations of any book that is a part of Oprah’s Book Club because I can be easily swayed like that. Edwidge Danticat’s “Breath, Eyes, Memory,” the writer’s first novel published in 1994, is one of those books. While it was a quick read, it certainly did not lack in content.

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“Caramelo,” Where Have You Been All My Life?


I’m ashamed to say it, but in my high school days, I thought the only “good” books were written by white male writers. My view of what a “good” book is has changed drastically since then, but at the time, most of what I read for class was written by a white male, so that’s what was ingrained into my reading habits. I had no exposure to any other literature, and I was too naive to seek for more diverse writers on my own. I deeply regret it and even more so after having read Sandra Cisneros’ “Caramelo.”

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