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Emma Watson Has A Book Club

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Emma Watson starting a book club just makes sense. She’s spend most of her life so far playing a character that loves books, she attended and graduated college with a degree in English literature, and she’s overall a smart woman that wants to share books and ideas. I think this is such an important action for her to take, especially because of her celebrity status.

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Junot Diaz

Like a lot of people of color, I had difficulty finding mentors when I was a student. I had some really amazing teachers all throughout my schooling, but I never had a close relationship with any of them. There was no one to help me, no one to talk to, and no one to relate to. And our backgrounds had a lot to do with it. That’s some of my favorite writers of color have become what I like to call at-a-distance mentors.

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And She’s Back

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Wow. Muchísimas gracias (many thanks) to everyone for stopping by and reading my blog while I’ve been away! I really appreciate everyone for taking the time to check out this little blog of mine. As you can probably tell, I’ve been absent for a couple of months. But, as always, I have excuses. So many excuses.

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When You Can’t Even With A Book: “He Who Searches”

IMG_3327I hate to make this book the poster child for books I couldn’t bring myself to finish, but I really like how this photo came out. And that’s where my disappointment stems from, although I know you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover. But I couldn’t help it. This was the book next in line for a review, but I didn’t just couldn’t. I’m sorry book gods, I just couldn’t.

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What A Weekend


Festivals and events are a must in the summer. Here in Chicago, you have your food fests, art fests, and music fests, but the best of these festivals (to me anyway) are the book and literary events. This past weekend, I attended two such events: Printers Row Lit Fest and the Chicago Alternative Comics Expo (CAKE).

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